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Promotion on .ONL and .RICH domains

3. Apr 2024

Dear customers, we have more interesting domains for you at a promotional price.

The price increase of TLDs managed by Identity Digital

5. Sep 2023

From October 4, 2023, the price of TLDs managed by Identity Digital will increase

Attention .GA domains

7. Jun 2023

Dear customers, we would like to inform you about problems with domains ending .GA (Gabon). As of June 4, 2023, we learned about complications and non-functionality of some domains.

The increase in the price of the .ART domain

21. Feb 2023

From March 3, 2023, the price of the .ART domain will increase

The increase in the price of the .SI domain

27. Dec 2022

From January 1, 2023, the price of the .SI domain will increase

From January 1, 2023, domain prices will rise by 10% to 15%.

20. Dec 2022

Beginning January 1, 2023, domain prices will rise by 10-15%.

The increase in the price of the .ME domain

19. Dec 2022

From January 1, 2023, the price of the .ME domain will increase

The increase in the price of the .EU domain

15. Dec 2022

From January 1, 2023, the price of the .EU domain will increase

New rules for AuthID for CZ domains

26. Sep 2022

The CZNIC registry has changed the procedure for obtaining an AuthID.

Price increase of domains .BIZ, .CLUB, .DESIGN and TLDs managed by DONUTS

5. Sep 2022

From 1/10/2022 the price of .BIZ, .CLUB, .DESIGN domains will increase and from 4/10/2022 the price of TLDs managed by DONUTS will increase

Changes in Terms and Conditions for .se and .nu

2. Sep 2022

Owners of .se and .nu should get familiar with the changes in Terms and Conditions.

Price increase for .INFO, .MOBI, .PRO domains from 17.1.2023

15. Aug 2022

From 17.1.2023, DONUTS domains will become more expensive

.COM Price Increase - September 1st!

15. Aug 2022

Renew and transfer-in your .COM domains now to take advantage of the current pricing before - September 1st!

Deteriorated availability of .RU domains.

15. Mar 2022

Due to the war in Ukraine and the current sanctions against Russia, the availability of domains with the .ru extension has deteriorated.

Price increase for .INFO, .MOBI, .PRO domains from 14.1.2022

20. Dec 2021

From 14.1.2022, DONUTS domains will become more expensive

.XYZ Price Increase - September 1st!

22. Aug 2021

Renew your .XYZ domains now before - September 1st!

.COM Price Increase - September 1st!

13. Aug 2021

Renew and transfer-in your .COM domains now to take advantage of the current pricing before - September 1st!


20. Apr 2021

General Availability for .CFD starts today, April 20th, 2021 at UTC 1400!

.EU turns 15

12. Apr 2021

.eu domain marked its 15th anniversary get yours today for only 1,99 € without VAT.

New! Domains for the beauty industry

9. Mar 2021

Introducing .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup

Price increase for Afilias domains from 5.1.2021

7. Dec 2020

From 5.1.2021, domains will become more expensive

.BEST On Sale $ 1.99

1. Apr 2019

Show the world that you'r the .BEST

ANYCASTDNS.CZ. was up to 19.position in the dnsperf.com test

30. Sep 2018

In the independent Anycast DNS test - http://dnsperf.com

ICANN accreditation renewed for another 5 years

8. Sep 2018

Today, 5 years have passed since the signing of RAA2013, so it was time to renew.

We have added a new top-level domain of Kenya .ke in our offer.

19. Jan 2018

From January 19, anyone can register domains directly under ccTLD .KE in Kenya.

Domain registration is unrestricted.

.NET price increase

30. Dec 2015

Verisign, Inc. will be increasing the fee charged for .net domain names effective 1 January 2016.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

23. Dec 2015

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

.AT Domain Promo Offer

5. Oct 2015

Register .at domains at an affordable price!

Price increase - domains BIZ

1. Sep 2015

The gTLD registry will start to raising their prices.

Subreg.cz - New Website Launch!

24. May 2015

We are very excited to have finally launched our new website design today. Check out all on your computer, tablet or mobile device! We hope the site tells you everything you need to know about Subreg.cz services.

Promos and domain price changes

21. Apr 2015

Special Spring prices - domains EU and TOP. Price changes - domain .info and .ws.

Price increase - domains ORG & INFO

10. Apr 2015

The gTLD registries will start to raising their prices.

New rules of CZ domain

19. Feb 2015

New version of rules of registration and ADR will be in effect as of 1 March 2015.

See You At Domain Pulse 2014!

17. Feb 2014

We would like to invite all partners to our booth at Domain Pulse 2014, 20. - 21. February, Salzburg, Austria.

New Project about New TLD

22. Jan 2014

A new website novekoncovky.cz is being launched today.

Donuts Accreditation

5. Jan 2014

Gransy s.r.o. (regtons.com) is an Donuts accredited registrar. Donuts is the registry for hundreds of new domain extensions.

Domain CZ - New Rules

1. Jan 2014

New Registration Rules, Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules and Business Terms take effect from 1. January. The new versions of these rules are available here.

Registrant Verification - ICANN “RAA 2013”

1. Jan 2014

As from 1 January, Gransy is required to validate contact information provided by registrants and verify their email or phone number. For validation, this is ensuring that the correct fields for contact information are completed accurately and accord the format of local formats. On verification, Gransy has chosen to verify email addresses of registrants. According the new ICANN rules, If registrant is not verified, the domain name will suspend.

.SX Accreditation

26. Jun 2012

Regtons.COM sign accreditation agreement with .SX registry on ICANN Meeting #44 in Prague

Domain Sales via AfterNIC DLS

6. Jun 2012

Gransy s.r.o. became part of the network AfterNIC DLS, thanks this fact we bring You the possibility to buy more than 5.5 million domains. The new section can be found in the menu Domains -> Domains for sale. In the near future we run the possibility of selling generic domains through this network and also we bring you a few million potential buyers. The networks are also registrars such as GoDaddy, Enom, Name.com etc. With the launch of sales of generic domain by the network AfterNIC DLS we prepare also sales of all other TLD (.cz, .sk, ...) through our interface in REGTONS. Domain sales are used for sale with a fixed price (buy now).

44. ICANN Meeting in Prague

3. Jun 2012

Gransy s.r.o. become a sponsor of the 44th ICANN Meeting in Prague. If you are interested in domains, DNS, DNSSEC, new TLDs, etc., log in http://www.registration123.com/ICANN/PR44/.

In the meeting You can also visit our stand Regtons to get more information about our reseller / registrar services, and also you can meet people working in Regtons.COM.

Change prices for backorder .CZ domains

30. May 2012

From 1.6. 2012 there is a change in accounting requirements to CZ-NIC. From this date will be not allowed multichecks (check availability multiple domains in one request), but the accounting will be according to the number of domains in the request. The result is that rapidly raise the price of the operation of special registration (according to last calculations by CZ-NIC will be our costs for month May increased by 250,000 CZK without VAT). For this reason will rise the price from 20th Jun 2012 for backorder domain .CZ as follows:

Auctiontype the originaly 200 CZK to 500 CZK.

Offertype from minimum 1000 CZK to 2000 CZK.

We are apologize to do this step, but it is only necessary reaction to the nonsensical changes of conditions by the registry.

Auctions of domains started!

19. May 2012

After a long time we have completed implementation for official launch for auction system domains.

Starting today,you can add your own domain (CZ, gTLD, AT, PL, and a few other ccTLD) for public auction. Creating auction is conditional of approval insertion and the rules on contact e-mail of the domain holder.

Other news in the auction:

- Support proxybid - automatic bid

- minor adjustments in the summar for better orientation

- not possible to bid yourself

- modification rules to make easier and smoothing payment of auction

We are looking forward to your domain in our auctions!

Changes of authorization .CZ domains

23. Apr 2012

According to the rules of the registry .CZ domains must the change of domain holder confirm not only the current holder but also future holder. System wasmodifiedfor this change. Other changes (admin contact, DNS servers, keyset) was unchanged.

Domain Parking

12. Dec 2011

We again activated domain parking with paycheck your profit. This paycheck is only on your credit. More info you can found in Domain parking

Change PayPal account

15. Nov 2011

Attention! Today you pay only on our Paypal account info@subreg.cz Our old Paypal account info@gransy.com will not user any more.

9000 .EU domain to deletion

19. Oct 2011

Today we added special order for .EU domain. EU Registry will delete package of 9000 EU domain in days 24. - 25.10.2011 More info you can find on page: https://subreg.cz/cz/domain/eu9000/

We mange 100.000 domains

23. Jun 2011

Thanks our customer we manage more than 100.000 domains in our accreditation. We can offer manage accreditation other companies. Together with our and other accreditation we manage more than 250.000 domains.

Upgrade hosting server

6. Jun 2011

From 11. 6. To 12. 6. We upgraded PHP version to 5.3.6 on our hosting server Aglaia.

Action price for .NET domain

19. May 2011

To 31.5.2011 you can use action price for .NET domains. Price is 100CZK or 4,1 €. This price is only for registration and transfer.

Domain auction on Subreg.CZ

18. Mar 2011

On our pages http://domenove-aukce.cz you can find pending auction of domain on portal Subreg.CZ. Auctions are momentaly at phase preparation adn testing. We were glad to every your comments and proposals.

80.000 domain

11. Feb 2011

Today we overcomed limit 80.000 domain for our customers and resellers. Thank you all for your favor.

Over 200 .CZ domain in auction

31. Jan 2011

We prepare for you more than 200 .CZ domain which will early expired. If you want catch by another registrar you have unique offer get any from this domain.

Our acccreditation in .SK

14. Jan 2011

Today we interrupt special registration for .SK domain and generate form to our old supplier. For transfer please contact our support, but online transfer will asap back for use. Our ID is GRAN-0063. In next days will all domains changed on our primary accreditation. In this case is important to other registrants who has self ID in registry add our ID in authorized registrar. Customers who didnt add our ID cannot registrer a new domains on their ID, but only on our local contact ID GRAN-0063.

Action price for .AT domain. This action is hold to end of year.

1. Dec 2010

Action for registration .AT domains only for 50CZK (2€). Price is only for registration domain to one year without VAT.

Implementation MojeID

1. Nov 2010

Today we offer you login with services MojeID, this service is managed by CZ-NIC (.CZ regisry). For connect your Identity with your account you have to set up ID in User Settings. In close time we prepare register with mojeID. Too confirmation changes on TLD .CZ with using MojeID. Other info you can fine on official web: http://www.mojeid.cz/


27. Oct 2010

Today we give you access for use DNSSec for .CZ domains. Like keyset use KEYSET (is easy to select in drop-down bar). Activation DNSSec you can initiate by manage your DNS zone. Bulk activation for all clients we dont planing. In close days we add DNSSec to other TLD where is allowed. For example .EU, .ORG, etc..

Accreditaton .ORG and .INFO

20. Oct 2010

Today we completed accreditation to .ORG and .INFO domains. This accreditation we can offer like only ONE Czech company. With this accreditation comes sales for this TLD.

Changes in our nameservers

16. Aug 2010

Today we changed Software which is managing We add 2 nameservers from currently 3 to 5. Locality is distributed around the world:

ns.gransy.com ( - CZ (Casablanca)
ns2.gransy.com ( - CZ (Coolhousing)
ns3.gransy.com ( - CZ
ns4.gransy.com ( - Germany
ns5.gransy.com ( - Hungary

Akreditation .COM and .NET

6. Aug 2010

Today we completed our accreditation TLD .COM and .NET. This accreditation by ICANN we can offer like only ONE Czech company. With this accreditation comes sales for this TLD.

30.000 .CZ domain

1. Aug 2010

Yesterday we over limit managed 40.000.CZ domain.Thanks for your favour and in close time we hope enjoy 40.000 .CZ domain.

ICANN Akreditation

6. May 2010

Our company Gransy s.r.o. is first and now only one company in Czech Republic who have accreditaton by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Now we prepare contracts with all registry of GTLD.In close time we can offer you direct registration of TLD COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ, NAME and next AERO, JOBS, TRAVEL, PRO, etc..

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