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The Swedish Internet Foundation informed about changes in Terms and Conditions for .se and .nu domains. These apply to all registered domains under .se and .nu so if you own one, you should get familiar with the changes.

The major changes covered by the referral concerns the following:

  1. Renewal of the domain name registration period, an addition stating that automatic renewal of such period applies, if it is set out in the agreement between the domain holder and the registrar.
  2. The domain holder’s responsibility to provide correct information of the holder, an addition stating that if such information is provided with the intention to shield the identity, it is not considered complete or correct.
  3. Liability disclaimer (Force Majeure), an addition stating that the Swedish Internet Foundation is exempted from liability in case of unforeseen events beyond their reasonable control.

A referral regarding proposals for changed registration terms is published on the Swedish website of Internetstiftelsen. https://internetstiftelsen.se/om-oss/mer-om-oss/remisser/internetstiftelsens-remisser/(available in Swedish only)

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