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Action price for .AT domain. This action is hold to end of year.

1. Dec 2010

Action for registration .AT domains only for 50CZK (2€). Price is only for registration domain to one year without VAT.

Implementation MojeID

1. Nov 2010

Today we offer you login with services MojeID, this service is managed by CZ-NIC (.CZ regisry). For connect your Identity with your account you have to set up ID in User Settings. In close time we prepare register with mojeID. Too confirmation changes on TLD .CZ with using MojeID. Other info you can fine on official web: http://www.mojeid.cz/


27. Oct 2010

Today we give you access for use DNSSec for .CZ domains. Like keyset use KEYSET (is easy to select in drop-down bar). Activation DNSSec you can initiate by manage your DNS zone. Bulk activation for all clients we dont planing. In close days we add DNSSec to other TLD where is allowed. For example .EU, .ORG, etc..

Accreditaton .ORG and .INFO

20. Oct 2010

Today we completed accreditation to .ORG and .INFO domains. This accreditation we can offer like only ONE Czech company. With this accreditation comes sales for this TLD.

Changes in our nameservers

16. Aug 2010

Today we changed Software which is managing We add 2 nameservers from currently 3 to 5. Locality is distributed around the world:

ns.gransy.com ( - CZ (Casablanca)
ns2.gransy.com ( - CZ (Coolhousing)
ns3.gransy.com ( - CZ
ns4.gransy.com ( - Germany
ns5.gransy.com ( - Hungary

Akreditation .COM and .NET

6. Aug 2010

Today we completed our accreditation TLD .COM and .NET. This accreditation by ICANN we can offer like only ONE Czech company. With this accreditation comes sales for this TLD.

30.000 .CZ domain

1. Aug 2010

Yesterday we over limit managed 40.000.CZ domain.Thanks for your favour and in close time we hope enjoy 40.000 .CZ domain.

ICANN Akreditation

6. May 2010

Our company Gransy s.r.o. is first and now only one company in Czech Republic who have accreditaton by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Now we prepare contracts with all registry of GTLD.In close time we can offer you direct registration of TLD COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ, NAME and next AERO, JOBS, TRAVEL, PRO, etc..

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