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Domain Auction

If you are interested of any available domain, you can sign in to Subreg.CZ interface, and you can bid to your chosen domain. If you are interested to insert a custom domain to auction, please contact us at info@subreg.cz.

Base rules

  • Minimum amount is always listed at each domain
  • Minimun bid is dependent on current price:
    < 500 CZK50 CZK
    500 - 2 500 CZK100 CZK
    2 501 - 5 000 CZK250 CZK
    5 001 - 10 000 CZK500 CZK
    > 10 000 CZK1 000 CZK
  • Maximum bid is not limited
  • Auctions you won can be paid from the credit, or call for payment
  • "When won, auctions must be paid within 7 days"
  • For each unpaid auction the user gets warning. The user will be excluded forever from all future auctions after 3 warnings
  • The price at auction is without 21% DPH
  • Every bid made less than 10 minutes before the end of the auction will renew the end of the auction by 10 minutes from the bid.
  • Your every bid is mandatory
  • Auction falls below Public & Conditions for auctions

Auction of expired domains

  • The price of the domain includes an automatic renewal.
  • Domain may be renewed during running auction

Users auctions

  • Minimum amount and duration of the auction is defined by the domain owner
  • "If you are interested in placing your domain into the auction, do not hesitate to contact us"
  • Removal of the domain during the auction is not allowed
  • In auction you can add this TLD: gTLD (com,net,org,info,...), CZ, PL, AT a SK (only with holder GRAN-0063)
  • In auction you cannot add domain with expiration less than 1 month after the date of the auction.
  • "Domains are transferred to our contact in auction time . If the domain wil not be sold, it is returned to your contact. Domain for sale is after 1 bid ( starting price) obligatory."
  • Provize z aukce:

    • Při konečné ceně pod 2 500,- Kč bez DPH je provize Subregu 15 %, nejméně však 75,- Kč
    • Při konečné ceně 2 500 Kč až 10.000,- Kč bez DPH je provize 10%
    • Při konečné ceně 10 000,- Kč bez DPH a více je provize Subregu 7%

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